Crippled Kings is a one-hour scripted drama series dealing with mental health and offers multiple meanings and opinions. Laced with every real-life hot topic, this show stands to break new ground because of the larger universal themes that spring from those hot subjects. This show functions as a layered, literary suspense and mystery novel made just for television. Set in Atlanta in 2022, we explore a world of mental health and the nature of our human condition.
This series is about Micheal Royal, a licensed Therapist who devotes his life to saving and helping high-profile men overcome crippling life situations. All while hiding his own secret. In this series, you will get a glimpse into the struggles men face and the dangerous effects their decisions can have on the "WOMEN" connected to them. We now get a front-row seat to see and hear what happens behind closed doors in the therapist's office. But the patients aren't the only ones with secrets ... This series is emotional, cinematic, revealing and rooted in character ... it is the marriage of human drama (pushed to the limit) and deception.
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